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5-day central honshu from osaka to tokyo

5-day Central Honshu from Osaka to Tokyo

I've posted my question on someone's post, I apologize... I'm new at forums.

I'm planning my last week in Japan in Central Honshu before going back to Tokyo. But, I need help finalizing my itinerary; so far it looks like this:

Monday - leave Osaka to Takayama via Nagoya (night stay at Takayama)
Tuesday - day trip to Shirakawago (night stay at Takayama)
Wednesday - take earliest train out of Takayama to do the Tateyama Alpine route terminates at Ogisawa and head to Matsumoto for a night stay
Thursday - day trip to Kamichochi (night stay at Matsumoto)
Friday - Hakone/Mt. Fuji
Saturday - Hakone to Tokyo

My concern is Wednesday. Would it be better to stay a night at Toyoma then do the alpine route the next day so that leaves a bit more travel time to Matsumoto?

Now I'm wondering about Takayama - is it possible to stay just 1 night i.e. from Osaka -> Nagano -> Takayama (check in at hotel & leave luggage) -> Shirikawago -> Takayama for the night? The next day travel to Toyoma for a night stay and take the alpine route.

Also, would carrying a 30" luggage be a problem when doing the Tateyama alpine route? Is it advisable to use "takkyubin" to courier my luggage from Takayama to Matsumoto?



Hi there,

I will answer your question here, not to spam the other topic :)

Wednesday is indeed a bit difficult, ideally you'd stay near Toyama or even the Alpine route itself to start in the early morning. However coming from Shirakawago, this may be hard. Therefor I do think it would be best to stay the night in Takayama and travel on the following morning.

There is a lot of travel involved when you travel on the Alpine route and bringing a suitcase is not recommend. I would definitely make use of a luggage forwarding service such as the Takkyubin.

Hope this helps!

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