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23 days in japan

23 days in Japan


In August I will go to Japan for the first time. I'm really excited and obviously I want to make the most of it. I have worked out a rough itinerary and I would like to know wether you guys think it's doable or not.

  1. Day: arriving at Narita Airport at 9am and leaving for Nagano right away.
  2. Day: Nagano - Jigokudani Monkey Park - Nagano
  3. Day: Nagano - Matsumoto - Takayama
  4. Day: Takayama
  5. Day: Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa
  6. Day: Kanazawa - Kyoto in the evening
  7. Day: Kyoto
  8. Day: Kyoto
  9. Day: Kyoto
  10. Day: Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto
  11. Day: Kyoto
  12. Day: Kyoto - Okayama - Hiroshima
  13. Day: Hiroshima
  14. Day: Hiroshima
  15. Day: Hiroshima - Fukuoka
  16. Day: Fukuoka
  17. Day: Fukuoka - Nagasaki - Fukuoka
  18. Day: Fukuoka
  19. Day: Fukuoka - Tokyo
  20. Day: Tokyo
  21. Day: Tokyo
  22. Day: Tokyo
  23. Day: Tokyo

So do you think it is possible or do you maybe even have some suggestions?

I'm looking forward for your responses :-)


Hello Felix,

Great plan! To answer your first question, it certainly doable :) Out of curiosity do you have special plans for Okayama? As I see in planned in as some kind of pit stop. In general I don't have a lot to add as your plan already is very nice, when you are in Hiroshima be sure to visit Miyajima, the ferry is covered by the JR Pass.

Also love the visit to Fukuoka and Nagasaki, while you are there, be sure to try out some Hakata Ramen and enjoy eating at one of the local Yatai.

Enjoy Japan!

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Hi Daniel,

First of all thank you for your response.

For Okayama I have only planned to see the Castle since Himeji seems to be under construction and thanks for mentioning Miyajima.. Almost forgot about it :)

Also today I found about the Japan Air Pass which got me thinking wether to spend one day less in each Kyoto and Fukuoka, amd to fly to Okinawa instead. Any thoughts on that plan?


Felix :-)


Hello Felix,

Ah yes, I was wondering about Osakayama as it seemed planned in like a quick stop.

Well Okinawa is great! So don't le me keep you from visiting it. However keep in mind that the Japan Air Pass fares are only available during off peak seasons. If you want something close by without having to fly, consider a visit to Naoshima or one of the smaller islands near Shikoku. These are amazing too and you can use the JR Pass to get close to them too!

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Hello Daniel,

I was thinking of flying to Naha from Fukuoka on the 19th of August which I think is valid for the Air Pass. On the 23rd I would fly back to Tokyo. That way I could choose the 14-Day Rail Pass instead of the 21-Day Pass.
Would you say 3 1/2 days are enough for Okinawa?

I will definitely look into Naoshima and Shikoku though.


3 1/2 is somewhat short to visit Okinawa, however it would still be a couple of amazing days. So go for it if you can!

Really hope to see Shinkansen going all the way to Okinawa, somewhere in the year 2155 :)

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