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23 day itinerary in aug-sep

23 day itinerary in Aug-Sep

Hi there

My husband and I are planning a trip to Japan in Aug/Sept 2014. We are both avid travellers and will be staying in a mix of business hotels, ryokan and guest houses.

This is our current itinerary:

26 Aug: Sydney -- Tokyo
27 Aug: Tokyo
28 Aug: Tokyo (Disney)
29 Aug: Tokyo -- Nikko
30 Aug: Nikko -- Hakone
31 Aug: Hakone
1 Sept: Hakone -- Takayama
2 Sept: Takayama
3 Sept: Takayama -- Kanazawa
4 Sept: Kanazawa (Shirakawago)
5 Sept: Kanazawa -- Kyoto
6 Sept: Kyoto
7 Sept: Kyoto (Nara)
8 Sept: Kyoto
9 Sept: Kyoto -- Hiroshima
10 Sept: Hiroshina -- Miyajima
11 Sept: Miyajima -- Osaka
12 Sept: Osaka
13 Sept: Osaka -- Mt Koya
14 Sept: Mt Koya -- Tokyo
15 Sept: Tokyo
16 Sept: Tokyo
17 Sept: Tokyo (Sumo)
18 Sept: Tokyo -- Sydney

We are wondering the following:

  1. Are we trying to see too much?

  2. If we are doing too much travelling, what would you change? Should we skip a certain place, or adjust the length of time we are staying somewhere? We have booked our time in Kyoto, but everything else can be moved.

  3. We are planning on getting the 21 days rail pass. When should we activate this?

Thanks you for your help!!!


Hello there!

1.) Reading that you are both avid travelers certainly shows in your planned itinerary. There's a good amount of places in there but at the same time there's a good amount of time in each place as well. Honestly I think it looks great and I don't really have anything to add.

2.) Like your itinerary the route is fine too! There are no expressive travel times or unnecessary distances involved. All together it does add up to a good amount of travel time but I don't think that there's more than 3 hours of travel time on any single day.

3.) The best moment the activate your JR Pass would be before traveling to Nikko. This would make the JR Pass valid from Aug 30th - Sept 18th, this is also nice since you can use the JR Pass to travel back to Narita Airport before flying home.

Have a great trip!

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