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21-days pass

21-days Pass


I will be in japan from 7 march to 28 march.

Itinerary :-

Tokyo -> Mt Fuji -> Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Nara -> Osaka -> Kyushu

Izzt worth to get the 21 day pass?
Also could u pls advice the type of transportation the pass includes.

Many Thanks.


Hi Fish,

Aikawarazu genki desu :)

The JR Pass covers all JR lines nation wide. Here is a map with all lines covered. This includes the super fast bullet trains.

As for a 21 day JR Pass it really depends on how much travel you do with it, for instance within Kyushu where do you plan to travel? Will you be returning to Tokyo after?

Let me know your plans and I can check if a JR Pass would pay off.

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Thanks for your reply. :)

The plan goes:

7-14: Tokyo -> Shinjuku (stay there) -> Disney land -> Disney sea -> fish market -> harajuku -> shubuya -> sky tree -> mt Fuji
14-21: Tokyo -> Kyoto (as base) -> bamboo forest -> temples -> Kobe -> Osaka -> Nara
21-27: Kyoto -> Kyushu -> oita -> 9 hell -> zoo -> mountain
should be around oita area. You could recommend some places to fully unitize the pass :) 27-28: Tokyo -> Singapore



Hi Fish,

That looks like a good start! I think that you don't need a pass for your first week in Tokyo as local travel is not very expansive. However a 14 day for the 2nd and 3rd part would be a great idea. Kyushu is great, you have to visit Beppu if you stay near Oita as the onsen there are amazing! I'd also recommend a stop over at Hiroshima (it's on the way to Kyushu) and visit Miyajima.

All together I really love your itinerary!

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