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21 day trip to japan during end of year period

21 day trip to Japan during end of year period

Hi there, I am Denzel and a group my friends and I (total 9pax) will be travelling to japan to celebrate the end of our examinations. Below is my itinerary, do advise me on the most affordable option I can take.

13/12: Land @ Tokyo
13/12 - 20/12: Tokyo with various day trips to Chiba and Ghibili studios
20/12: Tokyo to Niseko
20/12 - 26/12: Niseko skiing + Ramen tour
26/12: Nisek to Osaka
26/12 - 30/12: Osaka with various day trips to Kobe, Nara, Kyoto and Hiroshima
30/12: Osaka to Mt.Fuji
30/12 - 1/1: Mt.fuji
1/1: Mt.fuji to Tokyo
1/1 - 4/1: Exploring Tokyo
4/1: Fly off from Tokyo

Thanks so much in advance,


Hi Denzel,

Travel from Tokyo - Hokkaido (Niseko) is quite a long trip and a JR Pass can give you amazing savings compared to purchasing normal tickets. From there travel to Osaka, Hiroshima and elsewhere is also very expensive without a JR Pass, as most travel is done on the Shinkansen bullet trains.

I do recommend looking carefully at the routes Tokyo - Niseko and Niseko - Osaka as these are very long routes and you may prefer taking a flight instead. The JR Pass however will be the most affordable option here, as its one ticket for all your travel.

Also Fuji is quite a large area to visit. For details see:

Hope this helps,

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