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21 day jrpass or individual tickets?

21 day JRpass or individual tickets?

Day 1 Narita International Airport to Tokyo
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo
Day 4 Tokyo to Fujikawaguchiko
Day 5 Fujikawaguchiko
Day 6 Fujikawaguchiko
Day 7 Fujikawaguchiko to Nagoya
Day 8 Nagoya
Day 9 Nagoya to Yoro Station, Yoro Station to Kyoyo, Kyoto to Osaka
Day 10 Osaka
Day 11 Osaka
Day 12 Osaka to Hiroshima, Hiroshima to Kagoshima
Day 13 Kagoshima
Day 14 Kagoshima to Niigata
Day 15 Niigata
Day 16 Niigata
Day 17 Niigata
Day 18 Niigata to Tokyo
Day 19 Tokyo
Day 20 Tokyo
Day 21 Tokyo
Day 22 Tokyo
Day 23 Tokyo
Day 24 Tokyo
Day 25 Tokyo
Day 26 Tokyo to Narita International Airport


You would easily recoup the costs of a 21 day JR Pass - in fact you'd save over 35,000 yen. But one problem with your itinerary is Yoro - it is served by the Kintetsu line, not JR - so you cannot go there using the JR Pass.

There are many of the best places in Japan that you are not mentioning at all. Have you been to Japan before? In Gifu a couple of the most interesting and popular places are Takayama and Shirakawa-go to see a bit of the old Japan. And you didn't mention Kyoto or Nara, which are the cultural jewels of the country.

If you are seeing Tokyo extensively, then you can largely skip Osaka. However at night there are some great places to see in Osaka, such as Dotonbori for its great food and atmosphere, as well as the night views from the top of the Umeda Sky Bldg and Abeno Harukas Bldg which are spectacular:

For Hiroshima, be sure you see Miyajima - it is one of Japan's top sites. You can use the JR Pass for the ferry to the island. There are 2 companies running ferries though, so be sure you go to the JR one.

Kagoshima is also wonderful to walk around the Sakurajima volcano. The Sengan'en Park there is also great.

Niigata is a long trip from Kagoshima - if you have the time, stopping by Kanazawa for a night for its many sights would also be well worth it.
Finally, 8 days straight in Tokyo would be kind of a waste. Be sure to take some day trips and see Kamakura/Enoshima, Nikko and Hakone. You can save money using the JR Pass there too.


Thanks for the info!


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