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2 weeks september 2016

2 weeks September 2016

My partner and I are planning 2 weeks in japan. I'm still trying to get my head around rail lines, distances, passes. If anyone can give advice on the following itinerary, especially any problems we'd encounter travelling on anything other than a jr pass, would be appreciated.

  1. Arrive in Japan, Narita airport, 10am - 1/2 day exploring Shinjuku (where we'd stay)
  2. Full day Tokyo
  3. Day trip Nikko
  4. Train to Yokohama (we have a friend here, possible overnight stay, and maybe visit Hakone?)
  5. Train to Kyoto
  6. Full day Kyoto
  7. Day trip Nara
  8. Full day Kyoto
  9. Overnight stay at rural ryokan (nth of Kyoto, mountains/river?)
  10. Train to Hiroshima - peace park/museum
  11. Ferry to Miyajima (overnight stay at ryokan)
  12. Train to Osaka
    13.Osaka to Koyasan (overnight stay buddhist temple)
  13. Koyasan to Tokyo - 1/2 day shopping
  14. Fly out early from Narita Airport

Sound OK?


Hi there,

Looks good to me! I don't see any problems on the route so let me give some comments and tips for the trip.

Starting in Yokohama, this is very close to Tokyo so you could just stay in Shinjuku and make a day trip to Yokohama. At the same time it may be nice to stay in Yokohama if you plan on visiting Hakone (as Yokohama is closeby).

If you are looking for a rural place to stay in Kyoto, I recommend looking at a place near Kibune or Kurama in the north of Tokyo. Is mountainous area is not visited a lot by foreign tourists and there is some real zen to be found.

I would also recommend using a 14 day JR Pass since you will be travelling nearly every day. The JR Pass will cover almost all of your travel and give you great savings compared to buying normal tickets. However the last part between Osaka and Koyasan is not covered by the JR Pass. For details see this page.

Hope this helps,

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