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2 weeks kobe-naoshima-hiroshima-miyajima-shikoku trip

2 Weeks Kobe-Naoshima-Hiroshima-Miyajima-Shikoku Trip

2 Aug (Sat): Kansai airport - Kobe
3 Aug (Sun): Kobe Fireworks Festival
4 Aug (Mon): Kobe – Naoshima (Overnight)
5 Aug (Tue): Naoshima – Hiroshima (Overnight)
6 Aug (Wed): Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
7 Aug (Thur): Hiroshima – Onomichi (Do the Shimanami Kaido to Imabari. Take train from Imabari to Matsuyama)
8 Aug (Fri): Matsuyama
9 Aug (Sat): Matsuyama Yosakoi Festival)
10 Aug (Sun): Matsuyama to Hiroshima to Miyajima (Overnight)
11 Aug (Mon): Hiroshima to Miyajima (Fireworks Festival)
12 Aug (Tue): Miyajima to Tokushima (Overnight)
13 Aug (Wed): Tokushima 23 Temples Hike
14 Aug (Thur): Lye Valley / Oboke Koboke
15 Aug (Fri): Tokushima to Naruto to Awaji Island to Osaka
16 Aug (Sat): Osaka Summer Sonic Festival
17 Aug (Sun): Osaka - Mie
18 Aug (Mon): Mie
19 Aug (Tue): Mie – Kansai airport

Hi everyone!

I just spent lots of time researching and planning my summer vacation trip. I hope to attend the main festivals and some places I always dream of visiting I am travelling on a budget and wondering if my plan is ok after factoring in the transportation cost/time. I work in Japan so I can’t use the JR pass for foreign tourists. I will probably have to use the Shikoku Free Kippu (3 consecutive days unlimited usage of JR trains) and the Seishun 18 kippu. Are there any better/cheaper passes? Please provide any advice / feedback! Thanks!


Hi there,

Wow! Looking at your itinerary I can certainly see that it's the end result of detailed planning. Most passes that could be useful unfortunately are only usable by foreign visitors entering Japan under a tourist visa. I think sticking to the Seishun 18 Kippu would be your best call in terms of budget, or just use local trains for shorter distances.

I think your itinerary looks amazing but unfortunately there's not much I can add to it in order make it cheaper.

Have a great time!

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for your help. I have some questions about Seishun 18 Kippu. Based on my research:

Seishun 18 Kippu: Which trains can be used?
The ticket is valid only on local trains (futsudensha/kakuekiteisha) and rapid trains (kaisoku), operated by the Japan Railways (JR), as well as on the JR ferry to Miyajima and the JR buses along the Sanriku Coast (Yanaizu - Kesennuma - Sakari). It cannot be used on express (kyuko), limited express (tokkyu) and bullet trains (shinkansen) or on any other buses or ferries.

I am abit worried about the long travelling time on local times. It seems that to just travel from Matsuyma to Kochi takes close to half a day on local train (based on Hyperdia) and the train timings are not that frequent. Do you mind providing more information about Seishun 18 Kippu and local trains?

As my itinerary is quite packed, do you mind I will be better off using the more expensive Shikoku free Kippu? But it only allows for 3 consecutive days travelling. Do you have other passes to recommend? Thanks!


Of course: The Seishun Kippu is a ticket you can use for unlimited travel on local trains only. The ticket can be used 5 days of choice within the validity period and can be a very economic way to travel.

However local trains are a special kind of transport, as the name implies they stop at (nearly) every station and are nor particularly fast. For instance Tokyo - Kyoto takes 520 Minutes with local trains (not to mention you have 4 transfers on the way), this is rather long as the Shinkansen only takes 140 minutes directly. However the Seishun Kippu is only 2,300~ yen/day the Shinkansen is ¥ 13,910 so the savings part can be big.

One nice thing about the Seishun Kippu is that you don't have to use it on consecutive days so you can use it and also use the Shikoku pass, which I think is a good idea, while you are in Shikoku.

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