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2 weeks in japan, 14 day pass?

2 weeks in Japan, 14 day pass?


I'm planning to go to Japan next April (I like to plan early :D! ) and below is my suggested itinerary:

Day 1. Narita - Tokyo
Day 2. Tokyo
Day 3. Tokyo (day trip to Fuji Five Lakes, Hakone ?)
Day 4. Tokyo - Kyoto
Day 5. Kyoto
Day 6. Kyoto (day trip to Nara?)
Day 7. Kyoto
Day 8. Kyoto - Koyasan
Day 9. Koyasan - Osaka
Day 10. Osaka (Day trip to Kobe/Himeji?)
Day 11. Osaka - Kinosaki
Day 12. Kinosaki - Osaka
Day 13. Osaka -Takayama*
Day 14. Takayama - Tokyo
Day 15. Tokyo - Narita

  • Trying to catch the Spring Festival in Takayama on April 14,15.

I'm wondering if there's a more efficient way of going about the various places?
Am I being to ambitious (I do like a packed schedule)?
Also, I'm thinking I would need a 14 day rail pass? Is it possible to save some money on travel and get a 7 day pass along side a Kansai Thru Pass or something?

Thanks for your help!



Hello Erin,

Great itinerary, I don't see any problems with it. The route is good and you should be able to see every place. What I would advice is to keep day 10 for Osaka, as the city offers more than enough to keep you bus. I think that it would be better to make a day trip to Kobe or Himeji from Kyoto.

As for the JR Pass, I think the 14 day JR Pass is the best option. The first day that you would really need one is when you travel to Kyoto, this alone is over 13,000 yen otherwise. From there every day involved a good amount of travel and the JR Pass would be of great use.

Lastly, be sure to book your accommodation months in advance for Takayama as the city is quickly sold-out when the festival comes.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much Daniel! I really appreciate your advice!


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