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2 week possible itinerary: haneda-tokyo-yokohama-kyoto-hiroshima-tokyo

2 week possible itinerary: Haneda-Tokyo-Yokohama-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Tokyo

Looking for advice for 1st time visitor who is also meeting japanese family for the first time! I have 14 days in Japan. I think a JR pass (7 or 14 day?) plus a Haneda Monorail+Suica pass would be a nice idea. Not knowing much about my elderly japanese relatives, I am thinking of the following:
Days 1-5 Arrive Haneda, monorail to Tokyo, meet relatives and sight-seeing
Day 6 Yokohama to visit with a friend and leave for Kyoto
Days 7-10 Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima
Days 11-13 back to Tokyo, say good-bye to relatives and finish sight-seeing
Day 14 depart early morning from Haneda

I'm most unsure of Days 7-10 and what to do. I think Hiroshima would be wonderful to see.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Hi there!

Meeting your Japanese family for the first time must be exiting for sure! It is also one of the best ways to really get to know Japan.

Starting in Tokyo with a Suica & Monorail package and a 7 day JR Pass would be a great way to go about your travel. The Suica card will take care of your local travel trough Tokyo and the JR Pass for the rest of the country.

I would certainly add a day or two in Kyoto as well and Hiroshima is well worth the time as well. If you do make it to Hiroshima, consider a hop over to Miyajima as well which is one of the most iconic places of Japan. Although this will probably keep you more than busy on day 7-10, also consider a visit to Kobe the city has a surprising large amount of interesting places to see and visit. Some of my personal favorites are China Town, a visit to the local Sake breweries and chilling out at Narima Onsen.

Have a wonderful trip!

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