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2 days kyoto help

2 Days Kyoto help

Hi all, i'm in the midst of planning for my Nov autumn trip, would like some suggestions if this is feasible? Or is there anymore must go to attractions to add in? I'm only going for 2 days, 20-21 Nov. We're not so interested in temples.

Day 1:

Nara Deer Park/ Todaiji Temple
Arashiyama Bamboo (is there any best time to take photos?)
Gioji Temple

Day 2:

Fushimi Inari (doubt we will hike up to the top)
Philosopher's Path
Kiyomizudera/ Sannenzaka Ninenzaka
Gion/ Yasaka Shrine/ Kamogawa River (they are near each other, walking distance right?)

Where should i put in Kinkaku-ji (The Golden Pavilion)?
Should i shift Fushimi Inari to day 1 before Nara and visit the golden pavilion on day 2?
Also, is the fall illumination of kiyomizudera worth seeing? Is gion best visited at night?

Thank you! :)


Hi there,

Kinkaku-ji is relatively close to Arashiyama, so you could visit it after that. However do keep in mind that most temples close around 17:00, putting you quite on a clock if you want to visit Nara as well.

All in all I do think you may be trying a little too much in 2 days. You could just leave out the Golden Pavilion, I think the other places you plan to visit are more worthy of your time. Gion/ Yasaka Shrine/ Kamogawa River are indeed all close together and can be explored on foot, I also recommend including Nishiki Market here.

Hope this helps,

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