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18 days itinerary suggestions

18 days itinerary suggestions


I'm a 23 years old and I'll tour Japan solo in June for 15-18 days starting in Fukuoka getting there via ferry from South Korea on the 5th of June and then i have up till the 22th before departing from Tokyo (i still haven't booked my flight so i can get from there earlier by a day or two to get more days in Hong Kong -I currently have 4 days-)

I've read that the June is the beginning of the rainy season so i hope this doesn't ruin the trip :( although I'm born and raised in a hot and humid city so i'm used to the other part

i would like you guys to help me out with itinerary, the things that i have in mind:
1. at least 6 full days in Tokyo
2. Ryokan is a must
3. I'd like to spend most my nights in hotels like 9h and First Capsule
4. I'm not really into museums, i'd like to experience culture first hand
5. I'd love to attend classical music concert
6. I'm a budget traveler but I'm willing to spend when it's worth it
7. i wish there was a sumo tournament in June but i have to get to a stable
8. I really wanted to check Takachiho out but i don't know if it's safe and doable after the earthquake so if there is anything similar elsewhere it would be great
9. Destinations i have in mind: Nagasaki, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Nikko
10. I'm not really into hiking


Hi there,

Must say that I really love this plan and travelling up from Kyushu to Tokyo would be really nice. Doing the order Nagasaki, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Nikko (as a day trip form Tokyo?) would also be the work very well.

You could do it as follows:

Fukuoka Arrival (1day)
Nagasaki (2days)
Hiroshima (2days)
Osaka (2 days)
Kyoto (3day) + 1 day trip to nara
Tokyo 6 days before going back home.

While most rail travel has resumed since the Kumamoto earthquake, I am not sure how traffic conditions to Takachiho are. There are plenty of alternatives, for instance you could visit Koya-san in the Kansai Area.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel, yes Nikko will be a day trip from Tokyo

which JR pass should i get; 7 days + a regional or the 14 days pass?


Hi again,

I would finalize your route first before deciding on a pass. With the route proposed above, I would suggest a 14 day JR Pass.

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what do you think of this:
Day 01: Fukuoka - Nagasaki
Day 02: Nagasaki
Day 03: Nagasaki - Miyajima - Hiroshima
Day 04: Hiroshima
Day 05: Hiroshima - Osaka
Day 06: Osaka
Day 07: Osaka - Kyoto
Day 08: Kyoto
Day 09: Kyoto - Nara (day trip)
Day 10: Kyoto
Day 11: Kyoto - Tokyo
Day 12: Tokyo - Nikko (day trip)
Day 13: Tokyo
Day 14: Tokyo
Day 15: Tokyo
Day 16: Tokyo
Day 17: Tokyo
Day 18: Tokyo

If i wanted to get the 7 day pass i could start using it on day 5 if north kyushu pass can get me to Hiroshima
and i have to make Nikko on day 11 and head to Tokyo at night

after all the price difference between a 14 day pass and a 7 day + 3 day north kyushu pass is 80$ so i don't think it's worth the rush


Hi again!

The Kyushu (north) pass does not included travel to Hiroshima nor the Shinkansen between Kokura and Hakata. A one way Hakata - Hiroshima alone is ¥ 9,350 which already pays for 50% of the upgrade to a 14 day JR Pass.

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14 day pass it is

thanks Daniel :D


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