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18-day itinerary & jr pass

18-day itinerary & JR Pass

Hi Daniel

I appreciate advise on below proposed itinerary and which JR pass is most suitable for my route.

May I know is it necessary to put up nights in Tateyama or Toyoma for Alpine Route.

Should I put up nights in Kyoto or Kyoto and Osaka from Day 8 to Day 14?

Is my routes proper - or it should be travel on different route?

   Nov  Hotel   

D1 16 Airport KLIA - KIX Airport
D2 17 Kanazawa Kansai to Kanazawa
D3 18 Kanazawa Kenrokuen, Omicho Market, Castle, Nija-dera-Kanazawa
D4 19 Tateyama Kanazawa - Tateyama/Toyoma
D5 20 Tateyama Alpine Route /Toyoma/Tateyama
D6 21 Takayama Toyoma - Takayama
D7 22 Takayama Takayama - Shinhotaka Ropeway
D8 23 Kyoto Takayama - Shrikawa-go to JR Takayama - Eastern Kyoto
D9 24 Kyoto Western Kyoto
D10 25 Kyoto Central Kyoto
D11 26 Kyoto Kyoto
D12 27 Osaka Osaka
D13 28 Osaka Osaka
D14 29 Hiroshima Osaka - Hiroshima - Himeji
D15 30 Hiroshima Hiroshima - Miyajima - Hiroshima
D16 01 Koyasan Hiroshima - Koyasan
D17 02 Wakayama Wakayama
D18 03 KL Wakayama - Kansai

Thank you.


Hi there,

While a couple of days are not completely clear to me (D8 and Day14). I did look at the route and general and and a look at the cost of ticket prices. Even though I did not expect this, the price of normal ticket prices is below that of the cost of a 14 day JR Pass. A 7 day JR Pass could be useful if you were to change the planning a bit and cover Takayama - Kyoto - Hiroshima/Miyajima - Kansai with it.

Kyoto and Osaka are close together and it does not really matter what order you visit them in.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel San

Thank you for your reply.

If I present my itinerary on below order, will it be easier for you to advise the tickets ?

D1 KLIA - KIX Airport / Washington Hotel
D2 Kansai to Kanazawa
D3 Kanazawa - Kenroukuen, Omicho Market & etc
D4 Kanazawa - Toyoma
D5 Toyoma - Alpine Route
D6 Toyoma - Takayama
D7 Takayama - Shinhotaka Ropeway (Day Trip)
D8 Takaayama - Shrikawa-go to JR Takayam - Northern Kyoto
D9 Western Kyoto
D10 Central Kyoto
D11 Kyoto
D12 Kyoto - Hiroshima - Himeji
D13 Hiroshima - Miyajima - Hiroshima
D14 Hiroshima - Osaka
D15 Osaka
D16 Osaka - Koyasan
D17 Koyasan - Wakayama
D18 Wakayama - Kansai Airport

Thank you.


Hi Elaine3848,

I do think that a 7 day JR Pass is an interesting option for you, if you use it for the following:

Takayama - Kyoto ¥ 10,260
Kyoto - Himeji ¥ 5,470
Himeji - Hiroshima ¥ 8,490
Hiroshima - Miyajima (return) ¥ 1,180 (return)
Hiroshima - Osaka ¥ 10,430

For a total of ¥ 35,830 or ¥ 6,720 in savings, as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110.

For the rest I would just buy normal tickets, or local passes.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel San

Thank you for your advise. Will definitely go for it.




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