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17 days trip = jr pass+jr tokyo wide pass???

17 days trip = JR PASS+JR Tokyo Wide Pass???

Hello... this is our first trip to JAPAN... and we want to visit lots of places, the thing is we already booked our hotels in different cities so if we have to visit different places we should come back to the hotel

august 20 Arrive at NARITA... Hotel TOKIO (Near Shinjuku) from 20 to 24 august)
- Visit a few places in tokyo, like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Odaiba, Tokyo tower, (possibly Tokyo Disney)... etc

on 24 Travel to OSAKA and stay there until 29 of august
- there we want to do day trips to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagoya... and we have a few places in osaka to visit also (like Universal)

on tuesday 30 of august we travel to SENDAI and spend 2 days there...

at last... on Thursday 1 of September... we return to TOKYO (near akihabara) until next monday 5th when we flight back
this last few days we were thinking visiting Fuji-san and do our last minute shopping spree... but not far away from tokyo.

I was thinking using JR PASS for 14 days (from 20 august to 2 september) and the last three says buy the JR TOKYO WIDE PASS...

Should we get the GREEN CAR PASS??? i know is holiday season in japan but we don't know if shinkasen will be crowded... (and apparently we need it in almost regularly basis...) is there an amount of uses for shinkasen???...



Hello there,

There's a lot in here, so let's start with the JR Pass. I do think that a 14 day JR Pass is a very good option here, you will be travelling a lot and a JR Pass will give you outstanding savings compared to purchasing normal tickets. Using a Green Pass is also an option to consider, it ads a nice amount of extra comfort and this can be very nice with the long distances that you'll be on the train.

Shinkansen can be used unlimited with the JR Pass, same for other JR trains.

I am however not sure about a JR Tokyo Wide Pass, you will not do that much travel in Tokyo and I don't think it would offer you good value.

Hope this helps,

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