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17 day itinerary & jr pass

17 day itinerary & JR pass

Hello there,

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Japan in October for 17 days, and I was wondering if someone could have a look at our itinerary? We're excited about soaking up the culture (museums, gardens, temples, onsen!), spending time outdoors, shopping and eating great food. Would love to know if we have the mix in our itinerary more or less right.

Here's our plan so far:

2-5 Oct – Tokyo (4 nights, incl. day trips to Nikko, Kamakura, maybe Hakone too)
6-10 Oct – Kyoto (5 nights, including a day trip to Nara)
11 Oct – Kinosaki (1 night)
12 Oct – Osaka (1 night)
13 Oct – Hiroshima (1 night)
14 Oct – Osaka (1 night), or maybe go direct to Koyasan
15 Oct – Koyasan (1 night)
16-19 Oct – Tokyo again (3 nights)

I would love any help on this!
Should we spend one less night in Tokyo and take an extra night on one of our one-night stays?
Is it worth us getting a 14-day JR pass, and could we use that for our Tokyo day trips too?

Thank you!


Hello there,

I think you have made a great selection of places to visit in Japan, I am sure that you can get a good impression of Japanese culture and many of the great things Japan has to offer. If you would change 1 nights stay, then I would add it to Osaka or Hiroshima or maybe even add in something else. My personal recommendation here would be Naoshima after Osaka. Of course this is personal and I can understand that you may prefer spending your time outside of the metropolis.

The 14 day will offer you very good value. There's so much travel in here that the JR Pass will give very good savings and flexibility.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you! This is great. We love the look of Naoshima but think we will save it for next time. We also made some changes to our itinerary so that we don't move around as much.

2-6 Oct – Tokyo (4 nights)
7 Oct – Koyasan (1 night)
8-13 Oct – Kyoto (5 nights, including a day trip to Nara)
14-15 Oct – Kinosaki (2 nights)
16 Oct – Hiroshima/Miyajima (1 night)
17-19 Oct – Tokyo again (3 nights)



Hi Marisa,

This looks good as well! Love he Kinosaki/Hiroshima visits! They will just allow you to get that extra bit you would other wise not see out of your Japan trip.

The 14 day JR Pass is also still well recommended for your updated itinerary.

Hope this helps too!

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