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16 days in trip

16 days in trip

Hi, I will be going to Japan in May 2013 and need some help regarding my itinerary and the travel costs (14 JR Pass)
24 May :Reach Narita in the morning at ard 8am and leave for Osaka
25 May: Osaka
26 May: Kyoto
27 May: Kyoto
28 May: Nara
29 May: Hiroshima
30 May: Depart for Hokkaido
31 May: Hokkaido
1 June: Hokkaido
2 June: Hokkaido
3 June: Hokkaido
4 June: Tokyo
5 June: Tokyo
6 June: Tokyo
7 June: Tokyo
8 June: Depart from Narita in the night at ard 11pm

For 24-30 May, I'll be staying in Osaka as a base. I'm wondering if the hokkaido part is feasible?


Hi there,

Is the trip to Hokkaido feasible?
Good question! It depends on your own ability to stay in the train for long wit your itinerary is now I would not recommend it. This because the travel time from Hiroshima to Hokkaido is rather long! Here is the full route.

Here is the route back to Tokyo.
You can do it but you really will have to love riding the train.

If your itinaray is still not fixed and can move some stuff around it may become somewhat easier. For instance Hiroshima is all the way south, so if you could go from Tokyo for instance the travel time would not be so much. Alternatively you could consider using a night train or two like the Sunrise express or the Hamanasu, with the JRPass you can use a normal seat for free.

Hope this helps,

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Hi daniel, thanks for the advices. My intention is to go from osaka to hokkaido, so I'll travel from osaka to tokyo and then to hokkaido. Would this be cover under the jr pass?
Is the route - osaka to tokyo to aomori to hokkaido by hamanasu?


Hi Again,

Yes that would be covered and you could also save a little on accommodating costs by taking the Hamanasu.

Night trains are popular so make the reservation for it the moment you exchange your JR-Pass.

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