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16 days and mt fuji

16 days and Mt Fuji

Hi, I'm travelling to Japan at the end of July with my partner and I'm trying to work out if it is worth my while buying a 7 or 14 day rail pass. My iternery is as follows:

Day 1 - Narita Airport to Tokyo
Day 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Tokyo
Day 4 - Tokyo (Day trip to Karamura)
Day 5 - Tokyo (Possible day trip to Snow monkeys - Jigokudani Monkey Park?)
Day 6 - Tokyo
Day 7 - Tokyo to Mount Fuji (5th station?)
Day 8 - Mount Fuji to Tokyo, Tokyo to Kyoto (Bullet)
Day 9 - Kyoto
Day 10 - Kyoto (Day trip to Osaka or Nara)
Day 11 - Kyoto (Day trip to Himji Castle)
Day 12 - Kyoto (Day trip to Hiroshima)
Day 13 - Kyoto
Day 14 - Kyoto to Tokyo
Day 15 - Tokyo
Day 16 - Tokyo to Narita Airport

My current thinking is a 7 day pass might be a good option, activating on Day 7 before the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto. I was just seeking some guidance as I'm unsure how much the other day trip journeys would cost? Also if you had any recommendations on huts to stay at when climbing mount fuji (station 7) it would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance


apologies, above should read activating JR Rail pass on Day 8 (not 7) so that the ticket is still valid on Day 14 (Bullet return from Kyoto to Tokyo).



Hi John,

Using a 7 day pass on day 8-14 will certainly give you great savings. As the difference between a 7 and 14 day pass is ¥16800, you'll need to spend at least this during your first stint in Japan to make upgrading to a 14 day pass worthwhile.

Lets take a look at your costs for day 1-7:

  1. Narita airport terminal 1 > Tokyo: ¥2740, (62mins, 79km)
  2. Tokyo > Kamakura: ¥1700, (48mins, 51km)
  3. Kamakura > Tokyo: ¥890, (58mins, 53km)
  4. Tokyo > Nagano: ¥7770, (105mins, 222km)
  5. Nagano > Tokyo: ¥7770, (106mins, 222km)
  6. Tokyo > Otsuki: ¥2660, (86mins, 87km)
  7. Otsuki > Tokyo: ¥1450, (100mins, 87km)

TOTAL: ¥24980 for 7 legs

I have assumed you'll be going to Jikokudani via Nagano, and will be going to Kamakura (hope I got that right!). I also assumed you'll be getting to the 5th station via Kawaguchiko, the last stop for which on JR is Otsuki. I didn't include any Tokyo bound travel as this was not specified, however you could also add another ¥1000-2000 onto the total ticket costs if you think you will use JR lines in Tokyo (map of JR lines in Tokyo for reference).

As you can see the per ticket JR costs are much more than the upgrade cost to a 14 day rail pass. As such I recommend you go for the 14 day pass provided the itinerary above is fixed. In addition to the savings you'll make during your period away from Tokyo, you'll also make a further ¥8180 savings with a 14 day pass while you are travelling around the Tokyo area.

For accommodation, I'm afraid I've never been up to station 7 (I know, shame on me!), so perhaps one of our readers can help out?

Hope this helps!

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