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15 days itinerary

15 days itinerary

Would you please have a look at this itinerary for next week!!! ... and let me know if I can improve on it. I have purchased a 14 day JR pass .. when should I activate it?

9th April late flight into Osaka (Kansai)
10th Osaka
11th Osaka
12th Hiroshima
13th Hiroshima
14th Kyoto
15th Takayama (festival)
16th Takayama (snow wall if possible ... how?)
17th Kyoto
18th Tokyo
19th Tokyo
20th Tokyo
21st Hakone
22nd Hakone
23rd Osaka
24th fly home

Many thanks,


Hi there!

This looks great! I guess you are going to activate your rail pass on the 12th?

As a suggestion, I recommend staying on Miyajima overnight if you can. For the Snow walls I recommend you look at the Tateyama Alpen Route (note - this is TaTeyama, not TaKayama :) ). The Tateyama Alpen route is best accessed from Toyama I think, but you can investigate more on the website link above.

Other than that, This itinerary looks fantastic. You may want to spend more time in Kyoto together (eg visit Kyoto for 2 days after visiting Takayama, or perhaps at the end of your trip? But aside from that it all looks good!

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