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15 days in japan & jr pass

15 days in Japan & JR Pass

Hello guys! I plan a trip to Japan with the following itinerary.

Oct 31: osaka
Nov 1 : kyoto
Nov 2 : kyoto
Nov 3 : kyoto
Nov 4 : kyoto
Nov 5 : kyoto
Nov 6 : nara
Nov 7 : koyasan (temple lodging)
Nov 8 : hiroshima-miyajima (where to stay?)
Nov 9 : tottori (where to stay?)
Nov 10 : mt.daisen. Head to sapporo at noon.
Nov 11 : sapporo & furano day trip
Nov 12 : furano & biei, night train to Tokyo
Nov 13 : tokyo
Nov 14 : tokyo. Flight back at night.

Is 7 days JR Pass worth it? And is it even a good trip?
Where do you think is better to stay, hiroshima or miyajima? Any reccomendation to stay at tottori or yonago at reasonable price and do you have reccommended palce to visit around the area?
Thank you in advances!


Hi there!

Here are some thoughts on your itinerary:

  1. The trip all the way up to Sapporo over 2 nights will be pretty tough (though technically possible!). You'll not really have enough time to explore the area and would spend a whole day travelling.

  2. Take a look at this 21 day itinerary for a good example of using a Japan Rail Pass to the fullest and for more information on getting up to Sapporo, Miyajima vs Hiroshima for overnighting and more information on Kinosaki Onsen, a great hotspring town near Mt Daisen.

  3. Based on your itinerary, a good loop would be up to Tokyo via Kanazawa, Takayama and the Japan Alps rather than Sapporo. I'd also perhaps schedule some more time in Tokyo, where there is a lot to see and take in.

Hope this helps!

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