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15 day itinerary

15 Day Itinerary

Hi I would like to check if this itinerary is suitable for using the JR 7 day pass?

Day 1> Arriving at Kansai Airport at 5.25pm, travelling to Namba area.
Day 2> USJ and Floating Garden Observatory
Day 3> Osaka 1/2 day and moving on to Kyoto
Day 4> Full day Kyoto
Day 5> Full day Nara, then going back to Kyoto at night.
Day 6> Kyoto to Hiroshima in the morning, travelling and intending to stay near Mount Fuji in the evening.
Day 7> Moving on to Tokyo in the evening time.
Day 8 - 11> In Tokyo and going off from Narita Airport.

Should I activate the pass on Day 1 or Day 2 to make it more worth? Also, do I need to reserve for a seat every time I use the pass for travelling out to another city?


Hello there,

A 7 day JR Pass would offer great value for the above itinerary, especially since you both visit Hiroshima and Tokyo.
You could activate your JR Pass either on day 1 or day 2. You can use the JR Pass for travel from Kansai Airport - Namba but you could also consider activating it on day 2 and use it on day 8 to make a day trip from Tokyo. Either way works.

Seat reservations are recommended for longer distances, such as Kyoto - Tokyo. As it will allow you to just go to the train and take your seat without having to queue up before hand. Personally I also love the idea that my seat is secure before hand. However it is not required to make a seat reservation, you can just hop on the train when you feel like it and take a non reserved seat.

Hope this helps!

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