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14 or 7 day pass?

14 or 7 day pass?

I am travelling to Japan in April and am not sure whether to buy a 14 day or 7 day.

My travel details are.

Arrive tokyo narita 7th April. Stay 3 nights
10th travel to hakone (I know not all travel is covered by the pass.) 2 nights
12th Hiroshima and stay 1 night in miyajima island
13th Hiroshima to Nara 2 nights
15th Nara to Kyoto
19 Kyoto to tokyo
20th tokyo to narita airport

Depending on costs might travel from narita airport by hotel shuttle

Thank you



Hi Micheal,

Here's a little breakdown of the costs of normal tickets compared to the JRPass.

Narita --> Tokyto ¥ 3,140
Tokyo ---> Odawara (Hakone) ¥ 3,840
Odawara --> Hiroshima ¥ 17,730
Hiroshima --> Miyajima ¥ 570 (Train + Ferry)
Miyajima --> Hiroshima ¥ 570 (Train + Ferry)
Hiroshima --> Nara ¥ 11,660
Nara --> Kyoto ¥690
Kyoto --> Tokyo :¥ 13,420
Tokyo --> Narita Airport. ¥ 3,140

That's ¥ 54760 in total. The 14 Day Rail-pass itself is ¥ 45,100 so you will save ¥ 9660. I think in your case it is smart to buy a 14 Day JR-Pass because a 7 Day pass would not cover all of your long distance travel. In addition all of your travel in Japan, except for the Hakone area will be covered.

For your travel in Hakone consider buying a Hakone Free Pass locally, this covers all kinds of transport in that area.

Enjoy your trip!

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