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14 or 21 day pass?

14 or 21 day pass?


I'm arriving in Tokyo on April 3rd and I am planning to buy a 14day JRPass and activate it on April 11th so it is good until April 24th.

from April 3rd to April 10th I'll be in Tokyo and from there I will be going on a day trip to Nikko and on a different day travel to Hakone (one way - I'll activate the 14 JRpass for the return)

Is it worth it to get a 21day pass or is it better to pay all separate tickets the first week and use a 14day pass?

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Hi Candela,

The difference between a 14 and 21 day JR Pass is 12,960yen. Can't tell for sure if you'll cover this amount within your first week of travel in Tokyo or not. However it is easy to do so with one or two side trips outside of Tokyo. For instance using the Shinkansen to travel to Nikko, alone costs around 11,000yen for a return. Using the Narita Express into Tokyo also is around 3,000 so this together would already be enough. At the same time there are also budget options for travel to Nikko (around 4,500yen return) and you can use local trains into Tokyo from Narita for around 1,200yen. Of course these routes do take more time. It is mostly a questions of comfort and speed vs budget.

Hope this helps,

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