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14 days jr pass needed ?

14 days JR pass needed ?


Need an advice on following.
I will arrive Narita Airport on 23 Nov Sat.

Here is the iltinerary :
22/11 Sat Arrive Narita Airport in the morning, afternoon tour around Tokyo city
23/11 Sun : Tokyo
24/11 Mon : Disneyland
25/11 Tuesday : Mount Fuji
26/11 Wednesday : Depart Mount Fuji and head to Osaka City
27/11 Thursday : Osaka
28/11 Friday : Universal Studio
29/11 Sat : Osaka to Kyoto downtown
30/11 Sun : Kyoto
12/1 Mon : Kyoto to Osaka Itami Airport
12/1 Mon : Ski Resort (transport arranged)
12/2 Tuesday : Ski Resort
12/3 Wed : Ski Resport
12/4 : Sapporo
12/5 : Sapporo to International Airport

Thank you so much !!


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary for the best travel options and would advise buying tickets as you travel. The JR Pass is great when you travel through Japan by rail, by flying and other arranged transport it no longer will be able to help you make savings.

It looks like a very cool itinerary though, enjoy the snow!

Hope this helps,

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