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14 days jr pass for 17 days

14 days JR Pass for 17 days

I have a question about my trip. I got the 14 day rail pass but will be in Japan for 17 days. I intend to utilize my pass at the start of the trip but will like to have a check on whether thats the best option.
Thanks! :)

day 1 narita - shin yokohama (start using rail pass)
day 2 shin yokohama - odawara - shin yokohama (hakone/odakyu free pass)
day 3 shin yokohama - odawara (hakone/odakyu free pass)
day 4 odawara - shin osaka
day 5 shin osaka - kyoto - shin osaka
day 6 shin osaka - hiroshima (miyajima or okunoshima) - shin osaka
day 7 shin osaka - wakayama - shin osaka
day 8 shin osaka - kyoto - shin osaka
day 9 shin osaka - kanazawa
day 10 kanazawa - takayama
day 11 takayama - nagoya
day 12 nagoya - ikebukuro
day 13 tokyo - kamakura - tokyo
day 14 tokyo - nikko - tokyo
day 15 toyko (use suica)
day 16 tokyo (use suica)
day 17 ikebukuro - narita

Please feel free to provide any feedback! My trip was planned in a rush so it isn't perfect but I'm hoping it works.
Also what is the best option from Ikebukuro - Narita? The return NEX pass is only valid 14 days so I can't buy it for the trip. Wouldn't make much sense to buy a 1 way on my 1st leg as well.
In addition, any discounts for JR pass holders for the Odakyu free pass?

thank you! :)


Hi Jan,

Even if you say that you made it quickly, your itinerary looks pretty solid to me! Also planning Tokyo at the end is a great way to relax a little before heading back home. Since you are traveling pretty much everyday, you will be sure to make great use of the JR-Pass.

The best way from Ikebukuro to Narita Airport is to take the Yamanote line to Nippori and transfer there to the Keisei Skyliner, combined this will get you to the airport in less than an hour. Here is the route in Hyperida.
Alternatively you can take the Yamonote line to Shinagawa or Tokyo station instead and transfer there to the Narita express.

The Odakyu pass is offered by a different company than JR, so you won't get an extra discount. However it does offer good value and it is very easy to save money with it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for the reply!
I have not taken the Keisei Skyliner before - is it easy to navigate around with luggage and do I need to pay for seat reservation?
Another alternative I have is the Airport Limo bus which costs 3000Y - probably same as NEX. It's a 6 minute walk from my hotel (or at least Google map says) to the pick up at Ikebukuro. This seems like a more feasible option if I end up with a lot of shopping but I'm a bit apprehensive since there's a possibility of bad traffic.



Hi Again!

Yes the Skyliner is very convenient, only the transfer at Nippori may be a little hassle because you have to transfer from JR to the Skyliner, seats are reserved and the total ticket price is 2,400Yen from Nippori.

The Airport Limo is maybe the most convenient option. especially since it is so close to your Hotel. The Limo does appear to be very reliable from what I have heard from other people and traffic jams don't occur very often.

What ever you do, don't take a regular taxi, it will easily cost over 20.000Yen.

Let me know If I can help with anything else,

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Thanks, Daniel!

1 last question - does N'EX run direct from Ikebukuro to Narita T1?
From the timetable it seems to run straight so I'm not sure if it's stil valid?


Hi again,

Yes there is a (very) limited amount of Narita Express trains that depart from Ikebukuro.

Here is the Time table with Narita Express trains departing from Ikebukuro, the total fare is ¥ 3,110.

I almost forgot about them!

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Sorry the link did not work as I had wished.

To see it, please open the link in my last post:

In route one press [Interval timetable] to see the time table in Hyperdia.

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Never knew about this interval timetable option, it's very useful!
Thanks much! Looking forward to my trip! :)


Make the most of it!

and have a great time in Japan!

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