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14 days in japan, with 7 day jr pass?

14 Days in Japan, with 7 Day JR Pass?

Hi there,

We have two weeks in Japan, beginning early April.

We fly to and from Tokyo and intend to get a 7 day JR Pass.

Here is our current itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrive in Tokyo
Day 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Tokyo
Day 4 - Tokyo
Day 5 - Tokyo to Takayama <b>(first day of JR Pass)</b>
Day 6 - Takayama to Kyoto
Day 7 - Kyoto
Day 8 - Kyoto
Day 9 - Kyoto
Day 10 - Kyoto to Hiroshima <i>(half day)</i> to Miyajima
Day 11 - Miyajima to Himeji <i>(half day)</i> to Tokyo <b>(last day of JR Pass)</b>
Day 12 - Tokyo
Day 13 - Tokyo
Day 14 - Fly back from Tokyo

Does that give us enough time? Any other potential places to visit on this route? Worth paying for a 14 day pass instead?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi There!

Your plan looks very good to me and you will be making good use of the 7-Day JR-Pass too!
If I may ask, what days will you be traveling? You may want to go down to Kyoto and Hiroshima first if you plan on seeing the Cherry blossom. For instance your best chance to see the Cherry Blossom in Kyoto is the first week of April, while Tokyo will be around the 2nd.

When you travel to or from Takayama you could make a stop at Nagoya to see the Sakura at Yamazaki-gawa or just visit some of of the local sights before traveling on.

For the rest, I think you are good to go!

Have a great time in Japan!

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