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14 day trip with friend

14 Day trip with friend

So i'm going for a trip in Japan with a friend at the beginning of april. I searched for the right train connections on and google maps. Is this a good trip planning? I wrote the hostel places and the trains we ought to take.

Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel, 2-13-21 Shitaya Taitouku, Tokyo

  1. From Uguisudani by JR Yamanote to Kanda
  2. From Kanda by JR Chuo special to Takao
  3. From Takao by JR Chuo line to Otsuki
  4. From Otsuki by Fujikju railway (this is not JR I guess) to Kawaguchiko

K's House Mt.Fuji 6713-108, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, Japan 401-0301

  1. From Kawaguchico by Fujikyu railway to Otsuki
  2. From Otsuki by JR Chuo line to Takao
  3. From Takao by JR Chuo special to Hachioji
  4. From Hachioji by JR Yokohama to Yokohama
  5. From Yokohama by JR Yokosuka or by JR Tokaido to Ofuna
  6. From Ofuna by Shonan monorail to Shonanfukasawa

Kamakura Guesthouse. 73-3,Tokiwa,Kamakura-city Kamakura

  1. From Shonanfukasawa by Shonan monorail to Ofuna
  2. From Ofuna by JR Tokaido to Yokohama
  3. From Yokohama by Yokohama rapid line to Shin-Yokohama
  4. From Shin-Yokohama by Hikari Shinkansen to Kyoto

J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House. 51-2, Nakagoryo-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, JPN (Postal code 601-8027)

  1. From Kyoto by JR Nara rapid line to Nara

Guesthouse Naramachi. 30 Kitakyobate-cho Nara

  1. From Nara by JR Yamotoji to Osaka
  2. From Osaka by JR special to Shin-Osaka
  3. From Shin-Osaka by Sakura Shinkansen to Hiroshima
  4. By electric railway or on foot to Dobashi

J-Hoppers Hiroshima Trad Guesthouse. 5-16, Dobashi-cho Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi Hiroshima

  1. From Dobashi on foot to Nishihiroshima
  2. From Nishihiroshima by Jr Sanyo line to Miyajimaguchi

Backpackers Miyajima. 1-8-11 Miyajimaguchi Hatsukaichi-shi Hiroshima

  1. From Miyajimlaguchi by JR Sanyo line to Hiroshima
  2. From Hiroshima by Sakura Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka
  3. From Shin-Osaka by Thunderbird 21 to Kanazawa

Guest House Pongyi. 2-22, Rokumai-machi, Kanazawa Ishikawa Kanazawa

  1. From Kanazawa by Shirasagi to Maibara
  2. From Maibara by Hikari Shinkansen to Tokyo
  3. From Tokyo by Sobu line to Bakurocho

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja. 2-5-1 Bakurocho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo

  1. Getting to airport Narita express

Best regards
Jonathan De Mey


Hi there!

It looks like a great itinerary! The only thing that stands out as being perhaps a little tough is the Hiroshima to Kanazawa step, but if you have time you'll really enjoy it - Kanazawa is a lovely city.

Also, for the trip from Kawaguchiko to Shonanfukasawa, perhaps you could consider going via Shinjuku? there are less changes so it will be easier for you. Here's a sample itinerary.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your kind help. It looks indeed better to go by Shinjuku.


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