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14 d pass?

14 d pass?

we're planning a trip to Japan in May and have booked accommodation. Now we are onto the train passes. I think I did the sums and the 14 day pass seems like good value but just wanted some extra opinions (excuse any bad spelling). We are in Tokyo for a week prior to travelling around a bit. Our itinerary is:

Tokyo -: day trip to Nikko (get used to trains, escape Tokyo)
Tokyo to Hiroshima
Hiroshima: possibly Miyajima
Hiroshima to Kyoto
5 nights in Kyoto including trips to Nara, etc
Kyoto to Mount Koya
Mount Koya to Osaka
Osaka to Tokyo

Many thanks


Hi there,

Yes, a 14 day JR Pass would be a great option here, given that you would do the above travel plan with a 14 day JR Pass.

I also love the addition of Nikko and Hiroshima to your itinerary. This way there is a great diversity of places you visit and you get great value out of the JR Pass.

Note that travel between Osaka and Koya is not included, more information is here.

Hope this helps,

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