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13 days in japan - advise on jrpass and iteneary

13 days in japan - Advise on JRPass and Iteneary

Hi, two of us will be travelling to nagoya in early December. Having been to osaka, kyoto and tokyo, we thought of visiting the Alps and Hokkaido. Please advice on Iteneary below -

should we travel hokkaido first than back to nagoya area or the other way round considering that it is early winter near nagoya and we may still catch some foliage near Kazanama and takanama

please advice if we should get a 7 day or 14 day JRPass for the proposed Iteneary below:

Day 1
Arrive Nagoya airport at 9am morning
Travel from Nagoya to takayama (is wide hida train covered by JRPass?)
Overnight at takayama

Dy 2
Visit takayama
Overnight at takayama

Day 3
takayama to shirawago Day trip (by Nohi bus)
Afternoon to Kanazawa ( by Nohi bus)
Overnight at Kanazawa

Day 4
Kanazawa sightseeing
afternoon train to Tokyo
Overnight Tokyo (or alternative travel to hokadate since overnight in tokyo is just to break the journey?)

Day 5
Tokyo to hakodate (this will not be the case if we travel to Hakodate on day 4 but we will still be at Hakodate)

Day 6
Hakodate sightseeing
overnight train to Sapporo using Hamanasu from Aomori (this is covered by JRPass? Any surcharge?)
(is it possible to get on this train as I understand is hard to book)

Day 7
Sapporo sight seeing

Day 9
day trip to lake Toya n Noboribetsu

Day 10
day trip to otaru

Travel from Sapporo to Aomori to Tokyo by overnight train

Day 11
Arrive from Sapporo to Tokyo then train to Nagona
Overnight Nagona

Day 12
Nagona skiiing (is it a good time since it is only second week of December, not sure if enough snow)
Or any recommendation since skiing is not a must do agenda.
Would you suggest travel straight to Nagoya instead?

Day 13
Nagona to Nagoya
Travel to airport in the evening and home

Thank you in advance for your advice.


Tey Kim Kuan
Tey Kim Kuan

Hi there,

I agree with going first to Takayama and Kanazawa, this area is better visited when it's not so cold. The Hida wideview express to Takayama is covered by the JR Pass and makes for a great ride.

On day 4, you could go to Tokyo but I'd recommend traveling a bit further just to get travel out of the way. Other possible worthwhile places to stay directly on the route include Sendai, Hachinohe or Hakodate.

The Hamanasu train is completely covered by the JR Pass, as you know it's hard to book. Try to get tickets for it the moment that you are in Japan and have exchanged your JR Pass. This also applies for the route back! There's not a night service available every night (I think it's 4 times a week), so get the tickets as soon as you can.

For day 12, why not keep in simple and spend a bit of time in Kyoto. I've found that it's a great place to relax and enjoy the smaller things Japan has to offer, such as a temple visit, eating something good or even shopping.

I would advise a 14 day JR Pass, given the shear amount of travel involved. It's also great in case you may not be able to find a night service back to Tokyo, as it covers the entire route by limited express train and Shinkansen.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the advice.

Do you know which 4 days Hamanasu is operating? Can,t seem to find info on the website. I am worry in case I could not
get on one as I may not get hotel ladt minute.

For day 12 you are suggesting kyoto then day 13 from kyoto straight to nagoya airport? How long does it take in the traini
As I need to make sure I get to airport on time. Or would you suggest day 12 to travel from tokyo to nagoya instead?

For the 14 day pass, would it be of much use from day 1 to 3 of should I get a 7 day pass and activate only on day 4?



Tey Kim Kuan
Tey Kim Kuan

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