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11days in japan- which pass should i get?

11Days in Japan- Which pass should I get?

Hi all,

Below is my itinerary to Japan this November, I would like to know if the passes and the route are suitable for the trip.

Day 1: 22 Nov
Arrive at Haneda Airport at night

Day 2: 23 Nov
Around Tokyo 
=> Use Suica

Day 3: Tokyo - Nikko (Day Trip)
=>2-Day Nikko City Area Pass (JPY 2,670) - Visit the World Heritage of Nikko Nikko Pass valid for round trip between Asakusa Station & Shimo-Imaichi Station

I am planning to activate JR pass on Day 4

Day 4: Tokyo --> Hakone 
Depart from Shinjuku Sanchome to Odawara Station
Pass: Option 1: Hakone Free Pass

      Option 2: Fuji Hakone Pass

Day 5: Hakone --> Fujisan
=> If i use Hakone Free Pass, the trip from Hakone to Fujisan will be by train using JR Pass (Odawara-Shinyokohama-Hachioji-Fujisan), however, for the Holiday Rapid Mt Fuji 1 it is not covered by the JR Pass - takes about 4hrs+ to arrive at Fujisan Station =>If I use Fuji Hakone Pass, I will need to go to Gotemba Station from Odawara Station, and take bus to Fujisan. Is this a direct bus?how long it takes to reach Fujisan Station?

** Which pass should I get?and should I activate JR pass on Day 4?I would like to maximise the benefit of JR pass.

Day 6: Fujisan --> Kyoto
=> The JR pass will not cover the train to Otsuki. However from Otsuki, the route to Kyoto is covered

Day 7: Kyoto
=>Either JR pass or Suica to get around Kyoto

Day 8: Kyoto - Nara
=>JR Pass

Day 9: Kyoto - Takayama - Shirakawago
=>JR pass from Kyoto to Takayama =>Nohi bus: Takayama to & from Shirakawago (round trip)

Day 10: Takayama - Tokyo
=>JR Pass:Takayama to Asakusabashi

Day 11: Tokyo 
- Use JR to travel around Tokyo  - Return Suica card 

Thank you in advance!!

Xin Er


Hi Xin Er,

Your plan looks already planned well and the JR Pass will work nicely from day 4 --> day 10.

The biggest issue is figuring out Fuji-san, you list a lot of transport options but what is unclear to me is what you would like to to around Fuji. You can have a wonderful view on Fuji from Hakone, not sure why you would go to Fujisan station or Gotemba.

Just a note that the bus between Shirakawago and Takayama is not covered by the JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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