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11 days in japan! 7 or 14 days jrpass?

11 days in Japan! 7 or 14 days JRPass?

I'm visiting Japan in the last days of April and the first days of May (April 30-May10). I know it's going to be the Golden Week, so just want to make sure if my itinerary sounds good. Also, I want to know if a 7 or a 14 days would be best for my plans, and if it's worth visiting Nikko or Kamakura as day trips from Tokyo. I've read I can take the Narita Express in and out from Tokyo to the airport, so I guess that will be better in order to get a 7 day JRPass.

Day 1: Arrive to Narita 6:30 am - Travel to Tokyo

Day 2: Tokyo

Day3: Tokyo

Day 4: Nagoya

Day 5: Kyoto

Day 6: Kyoto

Day 7: Hiroshima

Day 8: Osaka

Day 9: Nara

Day 10: Tokyo

Day 11: Travel from Tokyo-Narita. Leave 3:25 pm

Thanks for the help!!


Hello there,

Looking at your itinerary, I think that a 7 day JR Pass would suit your perfectly. You could use it from day 4 - 10 and cover all your otherwise expansive travel with it. Just visiting Kyoto with the JR Pass would pay for the pass, you are making very good savings with all the additional travel.

As for day trips from Tokyo, both Nikko and Kamakura are great visits, my personal favorite is Nikko as it is home to many different temples and shrines, there's also a lot of beautiful nature.

For the rest, I think that your itinerary looks great and especially visiting Hiroshima puts the cherry on the cake.

Have a great trip,

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