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11 days in japan

11 Days in Japan

Like most people who are travelling between 7 and 14 days .... I wanted to know if its worth getting the 14 day pass

At this moment the itinerary is as follows


I'm thinking of prolonging activating a 7 day pass until I leave Tokyo for Nagoya.

So is this feasible both a) logistically , b) financially

Or less of a headache to get the 14 day JR pass and forego the 3 days ?

Note: Am sort of thinking about making a 1 day to Hiroshima maybe



Hi there,

The 7 day JR Pass would offer the best option financially. This would mean making returning to Tokyo in 7 days, this is enough time to get a good impression of each city you with to visit. This would give you 4 days is Tokyo, which is also a good amount. Going to Hiroshima may just be overdoing it, given the allotted time.

The 14 day JR Pass could also be considered but would have been better put to used if you had at least 2 more days, which would be great to visit Hiroshima in.

Hope this helps,

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Daniel San.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.

I have decided to go with the 7 day ticket

Osaka (2 night) I'll make a day trip to Hiroshima (doesn't seem to be heaps that attracts me to osaka). Id stay 1st night in Hiroshima but I would get there too late to see the memorial park)
Kyoto (4 night)
Nagoya (day)
Tokyo (4 night)

BTW ... All the accommodation I've been looking at says "twin bedroom" says one bed and the size is 90cm-130cm. Is this right? It seems very small for a double bed.


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