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10 days trip to japan

10 days trip to Japan

I am planing a trip to Japan but I don't know I should purchase a 7 days or 14 days pass.

I intend to go

Day 1 - arrive tokyo mornig 0740hrs and head down to Kyoto
Day 2 - kyoto to hiroshiman (rabbit island)
Day 3 - kyoto
Day 4 - 10 - Tokyo

This is my first time to Japan. Should I add in more itinery or that is enough and worth using the jr pass.


Hello there,

Okunoshima is the name of the rabbit island by going there and by going to Kyoto, you can make good savings with a 7 day JR Pass. Given that you return to Tokyo within this period of time.

I would also recommend a visit to Hiroshima, since you'll be in the area. Miyajima and the peace memorial park are visits well worth making.

Hope this helps,

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A 7 day pass would provide you with better value.
To go to Okunoshima you need to go to JR Tadanoumi station, then take a 12 minute ferry. There is some info on schedules here. I'd also recommend seeing Hiroshima/Miyajima, plus since you are traveling down south for so long, Kyoto is worth at least 2 days, and Nara for at least half a day.
While in the Tokyo area you can also enhance the value of your pass by taking a day trip to Nikko, and seeing Kamakura/Enoshima are well worth it too.


Thank you so much Daniel and Toaneko for the advice.

Sorry that there is a change of my itinerary so I require your advice again.

Day 1 - arrive tokyo mornig 0740hrs

          head down to Hiroshima
          tour around Hiroshima

Day 2 - Okunoshima to rabbit island

          go to mt fuji (Can I take JR train there and how long?)

Day 3 - Mt Fuji
Day 4 - 10 - Tokyo



For the Mt. Fuji area, there is both Hakone and the Fuji 5 Lakes Area - you can pick one, or go to see both if you like, but they are on opposite sides of the mountain. You can't get there by a JR Pass - only part way. See the info links on each for more info.

Good luck!


Thanks Toraneko.


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