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10 days tokyo-osaka-tokyo

10 days Tokyo-Osaka-Tokyo


Am scheduled for a 10 day trip to Japan this August
Itinerary will be total 3 nights in Tokyo, 4 nights in Osaka and the remaining 2 nights in Tokyo before flying out.

i was thinking of buying a 3 day pass for the first three days in Tokyo and then buying the 7 day pass for our trip to osaka and back to tokyo... Will this be feasible?

Also, what's the difference between JR East/ JR West? Agency is offering to sell us a JR Pass but told us we could only ride the ones with the marking of JR West Only... am afraid i might buy the wrong pass and that would cost us a lot.

Thank you in advance


Hi there,

Damn, I wish I could visit Japan for 10 days in August. Personal wishes aside, let's have a look at your questions.

It makes sense to get a 7 day JR Pass if you plan to visit Kyoto, Osaka or any other city further away from Tokyo.

The JR East/West/Any other regional pass are all limited to a region in Japan. For most travellers these passes are not useful as they are limited to a certain region. The JR Pass does not have any restriction as its valid nation wide. There is no regional pass that covers Tokyo - Osaka, so the JR Pass is the best option here too.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel-san... This confirms my decision...
Will get the 3 day JR for the first 3 days in Tokyo then buy the JR pass for the rest of the trip...


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