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10 days 9 nights

10 days 9 nights


Will be arriving on 13.12 (11.00am) and have plans go cover Tokyo and Hokkaido as well.

13.12 - arrival at osaka in the morning and take a flight to Hokkaido. To spend 3 nights in Hokkaido
15.12 - Tokyo including mount Fuji and haneda (2 nights)
17.12 - kyoto /osaka (plan to go kobe to try out their beef)
21.12 - departure from osaka.

1) Will the itinerary above be good using 7 or 14 days JR pass? What's the price for 7 and 14 days pass?

2) what's the weather like at that time?

3) what's the air ticket price range to Hokkaido?

Please feel free to rearrange the itinerary.

Thank you.



Hi there,

1.) A 7 day JR Pass could be very useful if you use it for travel from Hokkaido - Tokyo - Kyoto. This would allow you to make rather nice savings over buying normal tickets. The price of a 7 day JR Pass is 29,110yen.

2.) There will most likely be snow if the north and maybe even in Tokyo. Expect cold weather for sure. Kansai will be a bit milder.

3.) Anywhere between 10,000-50,000yen depending on the company, time booked and other factors. It's pretty hard to call.

Hope this helps!

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