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will the jr pass travel to all these locations and is it worth it?

Will the JR pass travel to all these locations and is it worth it?

I am traveling to a couple locations. Just wondering if the JR pass will cover all the destinations and will it be worth it to own one.

Day 1: NRT airport to Tokyo(shibuya)
Day 2: Shibuya, Harajuku, shinjuku, tokyo Aquarium, around the area
Day 3: Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka then back to Tokyo
Day 4: Around Tokyo
Day 5:Central and South Tokyo
Day 6: Tokyo to Kanagawa to Hakone
Day 7: Hakone, Kanagawa to Tokyo
Day 8: Shibuya to NRT Airport.

Will the pass be worth it? Will it go to all the locations?
First time in Japan sorry

Thank you


Hi there,

Yes the JR Pass covers travel to all these places. Do not that you may however still have to buy tickets for local transport such as in the Hakone Area.

Still, for this itinerary I suggest buying normal tickets as ticket prices all together won't be that high, since it is all located in the Kanto/Kanagawa area. A JR Pass would be helpful if you decide to include Kyoto for instance.

You may however look at purchasing a Hakone Free Pass.

Hope you find this useful,

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