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which rail pass or passes do i need?

Which rail pass or passes do I need?

I am planning a trip to Japan and I am not sure which pass is the most convenient. My itinerary is as follows:
Oct 6 - A arrival at Haneda
Oct 7- Tokyo
Oct 8- Kamakura
Oct 9 - Tokyo
Oct 10 - Nikko
Oct 11 - Osaka
Oct 12 - Nara
Oct 13 - Nahoshima
Oct 14 - Hiroshima
Oct 15 - Hiroshima - Mihashima
Oct 16 - Oct 18 - Kyoto
Oct 19 - Oct 26 Yokyo - Haneda


Hi there,

I would advise the 7 day JR Pass for your travel. You would make great savnigs by traveling to Osaka and Hiroshima.

In the addition the JR Pass would serve as a single ticket for the entire route, making it very convenient to travel around.

Hope this helps!

PS: Love the visit to Naoshima.

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Hi Daniel,
Your answer is very helpful. Thank you.
If I get a 14 days pass and use it to travel around Tokyo (Nikko and Kamakura) and the trip back to Tokyo on the 19, would be worth it?
Thanks again!


Hi Lucia,

I think I answered this in your other question right?

Let me know if I missed something!

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