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which open ticket should i get?

Which Open Ticket should I get?

Hi. I'll be in Japan for 26 days and will be using the 21 day JR pass of the 1st part of the trip. For the remaining 5 days, I'll be in Tokyo and am wondering what Open Ticket passes should I get to get the best out of it. My hotel is located at Kuramae Station. Assuming I visit 3 location a day, I will be taking the train at least 4 time a day. Which option do you suggest I go for.

Here are my choices:
1) 2 x Special 2-Day Open Ticket + 1 x Special 1-Day Open Ticket This ticket is very reasonably priced but only restricts me to only Tokyo Metro lines and Kuramae is not a Tokyo Metro station. The next nearest Tokyo Metro station I believe should be Asakusa Station which is a little too far for walking. What do you think?

2) 5 x Tokyo Combination Ticket I believe this will be the most expensive option out of the 3 but the good thing is I'm covered for almost all the stations. Is it worth the money?

3) ICOCA card
Since ICOCA card will be compatible through Japan for most trains, I should be able to use it for almost all the stations in Tokyo. Pay as I travel, will be a good but will it be more expensive than the above 2 option because I'll be paying regular fare for all my trips? Or is will it be cheaper if I use this?

Or maybe should I use both option 1 and 3. Use ICOCA between Toei station and the Special Open Ticket for Tokyo Metro Station.

What do you suggest? Base on your experiences, is it convenience to travel around Tokyo via only Tokyo Metro trains?


Hi there,

Here is a list of all tickets available in the Tokyo Area. I think you will be best of with the ''Toei and Tokyo Metro One-Day Pass'' which sells for 1,000Yen at any ticket machine and is valid on both the Toei lines and the complete Tokyo Metro Network.

This will also be the cheapest option compared to IC cards like Icoca and Suica. For instance if you transfer from the Toei line from Kuramae and then transfer to the Tokyo Metro you will have to buy single tickets for both and this can really add-up in costs.

You can pretty much get everywhere in Tokyo with the Tokyo metro and in general is the way to get around. You still may want to carry an IC card if you take an occasional bus or JR Line but that may not happen at all.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for that advice!
But 1000yen for traveling within city sure is expensive. Lol.
How do the locals travel? Do they get such one day tickets as well?


Hi again,

Well that 1000 Yen ticket really ain't a bad deal if you think about it. For instance a one way Kuramae to Ueno, which is only a short trip costs 260 yen a return adds up to 520, so with just a little extra travel you will be sure to save money with the 1000Yen tickets, locals travel a lot with IC cards or so called ''Teikiken'' also knows as a commuter pass, that allows unlimited travel in a certain area for a certain term like a month.
You could walk to Asakusa and stick to the metro only with the 710 Yen ticket or explore Tokyo my bicycle, many places can be reached from Asakura by bicycle, like Ueno, Akihabara and Ginza.

Hope this clears things up a little,

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I just jump in this topic, if you don't mind.

I have the same confusion. I will be on holiday to Japan, mostly to Tokyo and Nikko. I'll be staying at Kuramae too (near Toei station).
My situation is that I have only one full day of traveling throughout Tokyo. Should I just buy the Tokyo Tour Ticket (¥1,590) or use Suica/Pasmo for all the trip?
For other days, I'll be in and out of Tokyo (only a few hours inside the city). For that, should I just use the Suica/Pasmo to travel?
And when is the Tokyo Tour Ticket activated? Is it from 00:00 (as in a 24-hr day)?
I tried to look for information, but couldn't find the answer.



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