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using green phone on nozomi shinkansen

Using Green Phone on Nozomi Shinkansen

I understand that there is a 'public green phone' on the Nozomi Shinkansens. How do I use that phone to call a mobile number in Hiroshima. Do I use coins? or do I need a 'phone card'? Can I use my ICOCA card?...are there instructions in English? I have an Australian Telstra iPhone 4 with International Roaming, but not clear if it will work in Japan. I need to contact friend in Hiroshima as to what Nozomi I'm on for arrival time in Hiroshima from Shin-Osaka Thank you if you reply.


Hello there,

I am approaching 10,000 posts on the forum but this is the first time anyone asks about the public phone on the Shinkansen.

You can either use 10yen or 100yen coins or a phone card. Use of mobile phones is also allowed on the Shinkansen in the side compartments but due to high speed and tunnels, it's not always possible to make a call.

Alternatively, you can use a Pocket WiFi unit and stay in touch using any kind of messenger software or e-mail.

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