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I would like to check regarding USJ ticket. I will probably visit on the 9 April.

Is it possible for me to get it on the day itself? Will it be better to get advance ticket?

From what i've googled, JR midori ticket no need to be exchange at USJ, is the ticket like normal train ticket or has USJ prints on? As i would like to keep it as memories.

Also, i've heard that it is much better to get from JR midori than LAWSON? or should i just travel down USJ to get it? But since it's sunday on 8 April, i'm worried of the crowd at ticket booth which i could spend it on other places.

In addition, is the USJ ticket by JR midori only available at Osaka region? Or most of the JR midori throughout Japan sells it?

Thank you


Hi there!

The station for USJ (Universal Studios Japan) is 'Universal City' and is fully serviced by JR (access details). Here are some sample itineraries from Osaka. In general you will not need to reserve a seat on this train at the Midori no Madoguchi if you are a JR Pass holder. However, if you would like to ensure you have a seat (or would like to keep the reservation coupon as a souvenir), you can visit the ticket counter prior to travel to reserve your seat.

You will be able to make the ticket reservation (or purchase if you do not have a JR Pass) from all JR ticket counters in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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