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two weeks, tokyo & kyoto & chiba areas

Two Weeks, Tokyo & Kyoto & Chiba Areas

My wife and I will be arriving on Monday, September 26, and staying for two weeks.

Sept 26 - arrive at Narita mid-afternoon, transfer to downtown Tokyo
Sept 28 or 29 - - day visit to Kamakura or Nikko from Tokyo
Sept 30 - trip to Togane, Chiba - 2 persons going, 1 returns to Tokyo
Oct 1, 2 or 3 - 1 person - day visit to Nikko or Kamakura from Tokyo
Oct 4 - person in Togane returns to Tokyo, both travel together to Kyoto
Oct 6 or 7- day visit to Nara from Kyoto
Oct 8 - return from Kyoto to Narita airport for afternoon departure

Should we each purchase a 2 week pass, or 1 week and some singles.

Thanks you very much in advance.

William "Mike" Denman

Hello William,

I think using a 7 day JR Pass from OCT 2nd to Oct 8th would be the best option, combined with purchasing local tickets for the first period. Travel to Nikko, Kyoto and back to Tokyo is the most expensive and I would recommend combining this is 7 days for the best possible savings.

Rest looks great btw!

Hope you find this useful,

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I just realized that these are analog (paper) tickets that must be delivered.

If I order now (in the next few hours), will Fedex make it here (Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517) by Saturday, Sep 24 (3 days)? Do you specify Saturday delivery?

Sorry about my confusion. We leave Sunday very early for Japan.

William Denman
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517

Last question:

How about I have these delivered to:

Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
1-1 Uchisaiwai-Cho 1-Chome
Tokyo, 100 Japan

Does this work?


W Denman

Hi Denman,

We can ship to the USA overnight. Ordering now would mean that we can deliver on Saturday.

Alternatively we can delivery to Japan as well. This takes 3 working days, just use the address in Japan as delivery address when placing your order.

Hope this helps,

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