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travelling from hiroshima to kumamoto

Travelling from Hiroshima to Kumamoto

We purchased the JR Pass and are travelling to Japan this Saturday. I am trying to plan our trip and am hoping to include Mount Aso into our plans. Could you tell me if 
1. The JR Pass covers from Hiroshima to Kumamoto? (From what I can see we would have to pay for a train for part of the journey and then get a JR train the rest of the way?)
2. Can we do this trip overnight (I saw on google you can take a train around 11pm and arrive at 6am, we are hoping to do this on Sunday night 14th August)
3. If we can do an overnight journey are there sleeping carriages on the train and how much extra do they cost?
Thanks for your help Aishling 


Hi there,

1.) The JR Pass covers the full route on the Sakura Bullet trains.

2.) There are no overnight train on this route. There are some very nice hostels around Aso if you do a budget trip.

3.) See 2 :)

Hope this helps,

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