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travel for 13 days

Travel for 13 days

Hi, could I use the National Japan Rail Pass for below destination?

18-Jan-14 TOKYO
19-Jan-14 TOKYO
20-Jan-14 TOKYO
21-Jan-14 KYOTO
22-Jan-14 KYOTO
23-Jan-14 Kanazawa
24-Jan-14 Kanazawa
27-Jan-14 HAKONE
28-Jan-14 HAKONE
29-Jan-14 TOKYO

What do you recommend? 7 or 14 days. I think 7 days, since 21 january in Kyoto to 28 january Hakone and I buy one ticket for Hakone to Tokyo.

What do you think about the cities? Do you recommend other itinerary?
Thank you so much for your help.

victoria sam
victoria sam

Hi there,

Yes I agree and 7 day JR Pass would give you amazing value for the period Jan 21 - Jan 27th. Travel from Hakone to Tokyo does not have to be expansive and you could even use a local train.

Kanazawa and Hiroshima are both some of the best cities to visit in Japan and I would not change that.

It's a great plan, I am sure that you'll have a great time in Japan!

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