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transportation confusion!

Transportation confusion!

Good day,
We will travel this upcoming March the 8th to Japan until the 21th of March so basically around 12 days of stay, we are group of 4 people and this is our itinerary:

Arrival to Tokyo (9th of March)
From Tokyo to Hokkaido (9th of March)
From Hokkaido to kyoto (12th of March)
From Kyoto to Tokyo (16th of March)
Departure from (Tokyo) Japan on the 21th of March.

So can you help me out on what the best way for transportation between those cities? Also is it easier to use the jr pass? And how?
Also what the difference between the green one and the ordinary one? And which one is better for us? And if we need it which one of the 7 days or 14 days pass will benefit us in this trip?

Sorry for asking many questions here but we are really confused here as its first time for us visiting Japan with this kind of trip.

Thank you,


Hi Osamah,

Since you'll be in Hokkaido for a short stay I would recommend flying there and on Kyoto. It is possible to use the Shinkansen to Hokkaido and the trains are amazing but it takes about 10H to get from Tokyo to Sapporo - even with the High Speed Shinkansen.

By flying Tokyo - Hokkaido - Kyoto you take out most of the train travel and the use for a JR Pass kinda disappears because of this. Between Kyoto - Tokyo you could either buy a one way ticket for the Shinkansen or fly as well. Of course it is possible to take the train to Hokkaido and this is an amazing way to experience Japan, however I would only recommend this if you have a little more time to spend in Hokkaido. However if you to travel to Hokkaido by train - then the JR Pass offers amazing value - just one way trip Tokyo to Sapporo almost pays for a 7 day JR Pass alone.

I hope this helps!

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Well that really helps a lot!

Thank you very much.


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