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tokyo to kobe

Tokyo to Kobe

I am preparing for a cruise. The departure port is Kobe. I will be flying into HRT a week before the cruise. We are a group of 6 adults, two children, and transporting luggage from Tokyo to Kobe. A few questions.
What is the travel time from station to station.
How many transfers are needed. Are all these covered under the 14 day pass.
How luggage friendly are these transports.


Hi there,

Here is an example itinerary for you from Tokyo - Shin-Kobe. It takes between 3-4 hours and there are direct connections available. From Shin-Kobe, you would still need local transportation to the harbor. Given your group size, I would recommend taking a Taxi from there. The JR Pass does cover the route between Tokyo - Kobe.

Hope this helps,

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