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tokyo to hokkaido or tokyo to nagano


I have booked for the flight to japan and also booked for hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo for 3 days but i have more 3 days non-planned. So I would like to ask question as below;

Arrive Haneda on 29th December 2013. I've planed for sightseeing and 2014 New Year celebration around shinjuku/ Ueno/ Asakusa/ Asakasa

1. Where is the best place to celebrate New Year 2014 in Tokyo?
2. Is it better to use JR Pass for both areas (HOKKAIDO/ NAGANO)? what kind?
3. How long it takes from Tokyo to HOKKAIDO and Tokyo to NAGANO?
4. Can I use JR Pass to Jigokudani Monkey Park from Nagano?
5. How long it takes from Nagano to Jigokudani Monkey Park?
6. Can I use JR Pass to Historical Village of Hokkaido from Sapporo?
7. How long it takes from Sapporo to Historical Village of Hokkaido?

If you have any other suggestion, please do.
This is my first time travel with my bestie and we travel by ourselves.

Thank you in advance.

ps. sorry i posted in incorrect category before


Hi there!

I saw that your question was posted twice, I've posted an answer for you here.

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