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tokyo, nagoya, kyoto and osaka (19 days)

Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka (19 Days)

Hello there! I am planning a trip this July to travel Japan for 19 days. Here is my rough itinerary: Tokyo (5 days), Nagoya (6 days), Kyoto (4 days), Osaka (4 days). I will arrive via Tokyo Narita airport and leave via Osaka Kansai airport. While at Kyoto and Osaka, I will be taking day trips to places such as Uji, Kobe and Wakayama.

I need advice as to whether I should buy the JR pass and which pass to buy?

Will appreciate to have an answer! Thank you!!


Unless you take a number of medium to long distance day trips from each of your stops, there is no full JR Pass that can help you with this itinerary. In this case, you'd need to buy regular fare tickets, but from each area you stop at there are some regional rail passes that can help.

You might browse through them at:

Good luck.


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