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suggestions for extra days we have available

Suggestions for extra days we have available

I have been reading many posts and realize I should ask help. I plan to be in Japan for 4 weeks in June. The first week will be in Wakayama, the last week will be spent in Tokyo. In between, we want to visit Hiroshima, Iwakuni, Nagasaki, and Kawaguchiko. I would like to break up the long train trip from Nagasaki back east. Do you have suggestions where we might go using our rail pass and what we might do? I would love to add a side trip. We need to be in Kawaguchiko on the 21st. Thank you.


Hi there,

How about travelling all the way down to Nagasaki initially and then gradually coming back up to Tokyo over 14 days. Something like:

  • 2 days Nagasaki
  • 2 days Miyajima/Hiroshima/Iwakuni
  • 4 days OsakaKyoto/Nara (also could visit Naoshima during this time)
  • 2 days Kinosaki onsen hospring
  • 2 days Kanazawa
  • 1 days Takayama
  • 1 day up to Tokyo/Kawaguchiko

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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