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should i buy the tokyo tour ticket?

Should I buy the Tokyo Tour Ticket?

Hi JP expert,

I will be on holiday to Japan, mostly to Tokyo and Nikko.
I'll be staying at Kuramae too (near Toei station).

My situation is that I have only one full day of traveling throughout Tokyo.
Should I just buy the Tokyo Tour Ticket (¥1,590) or use Suica/Pasmo for all the trip?

For other days, I'll be in and out of Tokyo (only a few hours inside the city).
For that, should I just use the Suica/Pasmo to travel?

And when is the Tokyo Tour Ticket activated? Is it from 00:00 (as in a 24-hr day)?
I tried to look for information, but couldn't find the answer.



Hi there,

The ticket you are referring to has a pretty high price for travel in Tokyo. Take into mind that local tickets within Tokyo cost between 130-260yen per ride, depending on the distance. Which means you'll to do a good amount of travel for it to become worth it - and even then - savings will probably be small.

A better option is to use a Suica card and pay for your travel as you go. This does not provide discounts on normal tickets, however it is very convenient and easy to travel around in.

The ticket is valid for travel on a single day between morning and midnight (it is not 24h).

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel-san,

Thank you for your much-needed help.



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