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sanjo keihan eki to jr nara eki changing at tofukuji possible?

Sanjo Keihan eki to JR Nara Eki changing at Tofukuji possible?

As I will be staying at my hotel in Sanjo-dori Kyoto, can I catch a train from the Keihan Sanjo Eki to the Tofukuji Eki and change at Tofukuji Eki and catch the JR Limited Express train from kyoto to the JR Nara station where my hotel is?, I ask this question as I will be departing Kyoto on Saturday 23rd November and expect the buses in Sanjo-dori to Kyoto station will be 'very crowded. Hoping i can go from Sanjo to Tofukuji then to JR Nara. Thank you.


Hi there,

Yes this is possible, however do note that the Keihan line is not covered by the JR Pass and you would have to pay the fare up to Tofukuji which is ¥200.

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