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rail travel in Japan

We will be in Japan from Jan 20th to Feb 10th – arriving and departing from Narita. We are staying at the Tokyo Dome for 10 days - first 3 days for the International Quilt Show then explore Tokyo with maybe a day trip to Mt Fuji. We plan to use the Tokyo Dome shuttle service upon arrival to get from Narita airport to Tokyo Dome. We will leave Tokyo Jan 31 for Kyoto for 7 to 10 days. While in Kyoto we would consider a day trip to Arimatsu. After Kyoto we are flexible with our last 3 days. Any assistance navigating the rail systems would be appreciated.


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We have a couple of great resources available to make your planning and navigation of the rail system in Japan a lot easier.

1.) See our nationwide map covering all JR lines, this will make planning much easier and you can get a feel for the distances.

2.) Learn to plan with Hyperdia, this will give you all the information needed to look up travel times, route information and ticket prices.

3.) Read our how to use section, we've collected a couple dozen of tips to make the most of your trip.

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